Elevating M&A Due Diligence with SBOMs: A Guide for Corporate Strategists

In the competitive arena of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the due diligence phase is a pivotal moment that determines the success or failure of potential deals. Traditionally, evaluating a target company’s software assets has relied heavily on tools like Black Duck for in-depth source code analysis. However, the emergence of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) is transforming this critical step, offering advantages that legacy tools cannot match. As professionals navigating the complexities of corporate M&A, understanding the strategic value of SBOMs can significantly enhance your due diligence process.

Accelerated Due Diligence: Seizing Opportunities Faster

One of the standout benefits of SBOMs for corporate M&A teams is the dramatic increase in efficiency. While traditional source code review processes are thorough, they are also time-intensive, potentially delaying deal progression. SBOMs, by contrast, provide immediate insights into a software’s composition, vulnerabilities, and dependencies, enabling a faster evaluation period. This speed is not just about convenience; it’s a strategic advantage, allowing your company to move quickly on acquisition opportunities before competitors.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property: Minimizing Risks

For corporations, protecting intellectual property (IP) during the M&A process is paramount. Traditional due diligence methods, which require access to the target’s source code, pose inherent risks of IP exposure or theft. SBOMs offer a solution by relying solely on metadata for their analysis. This approach ensures that your team can assess the software assets of a target company without the need to expose sensitive code, reducing the risk of compromising IP and fostering a trust-based environment for negotiations.

Enhanced Visibility for Strategic Decision-Making

SBOMs provide a level of visibility into software assets that surpasses what traditional tools offer. By detailing every component of a software’s ecosystem, including third-party and open-source elements, SBOMs enable a deeper understanding of potential security risks, compliance issues, and operational dependencies. This comprehensive insight is crucial for making strategic decisions, ensuring that your company fully understands the assets it is acquiring and any associated risks or opportunities.

Streamlining Compliance and Mitigating Risks

In the current regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance with software licenses and security standards is essential. SBOMs are instrumental in this regard, helping corporate M&A teams to quickly verify that acquired software meets all legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the early identification of vulnerabilities and dependencies facilitated by SBOMs allows for proactive risk management, safeguarding the investment and facilitating a smoother integration post-acquisition.


The role of SBOMs in modernizing the M&A due diligence process cannot be overstated. For corporate strategists and M&A professionals, they represent a powerful tool that not only accelerates due diligence but also enhances the protection of intellectual property, improves strategic decision-making, and streamlines compliance and risk management. As the digital landscape evolves, the integration of SBOMs into your M&A toolkit is not merely an upgrade—it’s a strategic necessity. Embracing SBOMs positions your company to capitalize on acquisition opportunities with greater speed, security, and confidence. In the competitive world of corporate M&A, staying ahead means adopting the most advanced and efficient tools available—SBOMs are your gateway to that edge.

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